domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

what would you do if you were a mosquito?

If I could be a mosquito, I would have amazing adventures, flying from the Cataratas waterfalls to the exotic islands of Fiji.

If casually I found a nice neck or arm in my way I would enjoy my time drinking some human blood.

As the best entertainment a mosquito can have is to infect people with diseases of all kind, even in my free- time, I like doing it.

Human beings are selfish and they are arguing and fighting for useless reasons all the time, so I have no remorse when I kill them.

Juan Ignacio Bois.

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joseantonio dijo...

Hi Juan,
To be a mosquito and traveling so much is sure a nice dream. I would also love to have the freedom and means to go everywhere I wanted to. Let me share with you the dream I have. I would like to have the the ability to travel through space and time, like that guy in Heroes. That would be really cool, don´t you think? At the snap of finger you would be in a different place or time.
Being a mostquito would certainly be great. It would be just like being invisible and also being able to go to so many interesting places.
Hugs from Brazil
(José Antônio - a teacher and online friend of Susana)

Berta dijo...

Hi Juan Ignacio,
I could not stop laughing at the very creative and fun post you wrote. I would picture in my mind a mosquito flying around and making all these naughty things and "for a good cause", ha, ha, with no remorse. This is the last thing one would expect, that´s why I enjoyed it so much!!!
Thanks for creating such a unique post.

Cheers from an EFL teacher in Caracas, Venezuela, who is an online friend of Susana.

Nina Liakos dijo...

Hello Juan Ignacio,
You have a great imagination! Your post reminds me of an essay I once read that pointed out how the threat of mosquito-borne diseases effectively kept humans out of the rain forests of the world until modern times, when fast on the heels of the discovery of DDT and other insecticides came the realization that destroying the rain forests will also destroy life on earth. Because of this delay, we have the opportunity now to preserve some of the rainforests that are still left to us--but we must hurry.
Nina (Maryland, USA)

Illya dijo...

Hi Juan, This is really a very funny post! I can imagine an insect thinking this very way if it could have human thoughts. We don't have any problems with killing these small helpless creatures, so why should they have remorses killing us?!
Greetings from Switzerland

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