lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

If I were a professional voleyball player

I am Lucas Calegari and I'd like to be a professional voleyball player because it is a great sport that is played as a team and it's my favourite.

These are the things I'd like to do.

I'd have a gimnastic in my house to teach my childrem.
I'd sign t-shirts of my fans.
I'd travel with my team all over the world.
I'd win trophies or medals.
I'd train every day.
I'd be godfather of a foundation.
I wouldn't get angry if I lost any game.
I'd be a good citizen in terms of voleyball.
I think in my team rather than me.

Lucas Calegari.

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joseantonio dijo...

Hi Lucas,
That is really a nice dream. I have never dreamed of being a famous athlete, maybe because I am so bad at sports. The only thing I can do is swimming, which I just love. I would love to be a very famous teacher though. I would love to be invited to give classes all over the world. If I were that famous, I would get to know lots of countries and lots of students.
I would sure ask for your autograph if you became a famous athlete.
Kind regard from Brazil
( José Antônio - a teacher and online friend of Susana)

Lawan Dalha dijo...

An interesting and exciting blog; in fact very philosophical and educating. I love to share ideas with you guys. I'm Lawan, a teacher of English in Nigeria, Africa. So, what do you know about Africa and Nigeria?

Loreley dijo...

Hi Lucas, how interesting your dream is! I've dreamt once to be a volleyball famous athlete... but then I realized I was too short for that. Now one of my dreams is to visit Antarctica (where my husband is living). Thanks for sharing your post,
Lore (from Argentina)

Nina Liakos dijo...

Hello, Lucas, from Maryland (USA). Your dream seems attainable to me. If you are a talented player and work very hard, it just might come true! Good luck!
Nina Liakos

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Lucas!
I'm Silvia, from Rosario, Argentina. I hope your dreams come true and you could become a well-known professional volleyball- player one day!!!. Remember that the limits are in us, not outside us. We should fight for our dreams!!!
Silvia Colombo

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina dijo...

Hi, people from ARgentina! We are from Argentina, too. Please, visit our blog and let's share our writings.
Your blog looks really nice and writing about dreams is great. If you dream with hope, that will be your future. Hugs from lovely La Plata, prcia. de Buenos Aires.

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