lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

I am sure that I am the Devil!!!

Hi I'm Ezequiel Estelrrich from San Carlos de Bolivar, I am 16 and I would want to be the Devil:

If I were the Devil, I would use my powers to be happy. I 'd control some people's minds, for example the Cristina Kirchner`s mind to solve the production problems.

Unless I were a good Devil, I would kill my enemies .

I would travel to the sky and fight with God, but I would lose that fight, obviously.

I would send everybody to hell, and I would have a factory with them.

I would promote the sins, especialy the wrath. So I could be even happier watching everybody fighting each other, ha,ha,ha...

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joseantonio dijo...

Hello Ezequiel,
That is a very creative dream: being the devil. What a nice way to think about it. I guess some of the problems politicians cause only the Devil would be able to solve. I guess you would be up for some competition with certain politicians who are delighted to see people in despair and suffering.
I rally liked what you wrote.
Hugs from Brazil
(José Antônio - a teacher and online friend of your teacher)

Loreley dijo...

Hi Ezequiel, I totally agree with you about Cristina Kirchner! I would do the same or change her completely, hahaha.
Thanks for sharing your dream. It was great to see the devil from your perspective. Bye, love from Argentina,

Nina Liakos dijo...

Is this your dream, or your nightmare? (just kidding) What a creative response to your teacher's prompt!
Nina from the USA

Anónimo dijo...

hi i'm joaquin barella...
i agree with you in some points, i agree totally when you talk about cristina kirchner..!
in the others points i disagree but is a funny!
see you later..!

Anónimo dijo...

hi I'm william from 1ST polimodal of EAS..(nivel bajo)...i'm 16 years old, i'm from 25 de birthday is on 20 favourite band is guns n' roses...
i would love to be THE DEVIL...

I love heavy metal..!!
Willy .!

Anónimo dijo...

what a terrible,devil and inconcient wish.if I(did you listen?I!)were the devil,i would be Robespierre.No one would can scape from my hands.everyone´d pay the inconscience
A dark and strange vision you´ve achieved.There´s people that,just seeing their actions,are trying doing this.rage,ignorance and racism are just tools of the comtemporany devils
good luck people of second,
your server ,GOMITZ of 1st polimodal
P.s:i also hope that the actually president just disappeare

Anónimo dijo...

I`m here again,Gomitx that is on 2nd polimodal is watching this dark,evil and mad vision of a world controled by the most powerful fear of the world.Let`s enjoy another crazy vision(one of the hundred I`ve got):
...If I were the same devil,I`d create a raze of unsensitive people... shame,no more problems..this is the points that get the humans inperfects....
...perfects killing`s machines that get sure the world in my hands by the bad way...
No guys,I`m not crazy,Ì just like having a good imagination.
oh.oh.if I hadn`t told you of this,you wouldn`t have been so atonished.
I`m leaving by the moment(I swear it I`ll be come back).Don`t wait me!!(if I were you all,i`d really don´t wait for that),ha,ha,I`m joking....???...see you later...
P.s:oh my god!!what a bad evil`s face

Kristina dijo...

Hello ...This is very interesting and creative....Very nice

Kristina From Croatia (Zagreb)

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