domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

A brilliant mind

A person who has a brilliant mind can do extraordinary and crazy things that no-one with a normal mind can imagine.

In my opinion, overyone who has a brilliant mind, has a little of crazy too 'cause crazy people think ahead, and imagine situations and things who no-one can imagine, because they aren't normal. So finally, is it bad to be different from the other people and not to follow what they do and think?

They are different and follow their own way, and that makes them special.

I think if I had a brilliant mind, I'd probably be crazy, and I love to...I'd be a scientist to find the cure for mortal illnes...I'd invent machines to make life easier...I'd invent a machine to travell through time...I'd make a clock to stop the time...I'd make potable water in a lab to help the world...I'd find the way to be happy and help people who aren't happy...

What would you do if you had a brilliant mind?

Manuela Palisa

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Loreley dijo...

Manuela, you certainly have a brilliant mind to write as you have done! I totally agree with you, with every little suggestion you mentioned. It would be great, especially, to cure deadly illnesses. Thanks for sharing,
Lore (from Argentina)

Nina Liakos dijo...

Hi Manuela,
You have lofty goals for your brilliant mind! If I had a brilliant mind, I would try to figure out how people can live in peace without destroying each other and the other living beings (both plants and animals) that we share the planet with.
Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)

Illya dijo...

There are many things you can do with a brilliant mind. If you succeed even just one of them, then you have succeeded a lot! Who knows, maybe you do have a brilliant mind and don't know it.
If I had a brilliant mind, I would join the UNO and try to solve problems for them.
Greetings from Switzerland

Anónimo dijo...

I don't dream to be a brillant mind, because I am a brillant mind.
Ha ha!,It's a joke.
If I'd be a brillant mind, I'd work with any group that they want to change the world, and finish with the financial crisis.
Also, I'd like work with the Big hadron collider (GCH)because it's very interesting.. I'd like know the history of the Earth!
I used to do rare inventions, so I could do some of it using my brillant mind.

Santiago Isjaqui(Bolivar;Argentina)

IvAnA dijo...

Hello Manuela,
this is very interesting subject. Hmmm brilliant mind, well I think there are many types of brilliant mind and I definitively agree that you should use it in good causes.If I had a brilliant mind, I would try to restore all bad things that we have done to the nature.
Ivana from Zagreb, Croatia

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