sábado, 24 de mayo de 2008

If I were a famous model.....

Hi! I'm Florencia. I live in Bolivar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 16 years old.
We decided to do this project because now or when we were children we dreamed about our future.
When the class named our dreams I had to choose one topic but I couldn't find anything to write about.
Then I tought:
What would you do if you were a famous model? (what girl hasn't thought about it once?)
If I were a famous model, I wouldn't be just a pretty face, I'd work for charity and help homeless people.
Now many famous people do it to catch the journalists' attention but everybody isn't the same.
Then I made this question to my friends:

Florencia Dutto: "I'd always be in perfect condition, I'd live with my family in a big house."
Josefina Mendoza told me that she'd buy all clothes and she'd help her family and friends with the money.
Felicitas Althabe said: I'd help Africa and wouldn't leave to enjoy life to be pretty.
Manuela Palisa told me that she wouldn't be anorexic.
Finaly Susana (my teacher) said: I wouldn't live on a diet to be thin, or out of sun to keep my skin perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see you in other post!!!! kisses.
And I want to say that the girl on the picture isn't me, she's a model

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susana canelo dijo...

Hi Flor:
I can imagine you walking along the catwalk !!!
But you're intelligent enough to have a balanced life.
Good post !!!

Nina Liakos dijo...

Dear Florencia,
I think top models have boring lives. They have to wear swimsuits when it's cold and fur coats when it's hot. They have to pose endlessly for photographers, or walk on runways wearing stupid high-fashion clothes that look ridiculous. I wouldn't want to be a model, but when I was younger I used to wish I looked like one (maybe not quite so thin)!
Nina Liakos (USA)

Anónimo dijo...

interesting... reallyyyy.well is a wish of a normal girl as you ¨flower¨(I´m joking)
IS TIME TO THINK: is true,a model life is always dreamed by everygirld,and the conditions are very strongs.
interesting wish and interesting blog people
best wishes
GOMITZ,from first polimodal

Anónimo dijo...

this were a good proyect.it makes you inprove the second conditional (if+past simple/would/wouldn´t;a potato for the parrot)
also,you thought,you analized and prepared differents wishes that everyone ,someday has wished.I hope that this blog be cared for you all.
my best wish is just know my favourite 30 seconds to mars.
see you soon,GOMITZ,of first polimodal
P.S:the first song that we used to work, were brung for me.If you want some song to do listening just lend me,your server,GOMITZ

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