miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

If I could travel in time

Hi! I'm Josefina, I'm Argentinian. I live in the country and I go to the EAS Del Valle, a high school also in the middle of the country.

With my teacher and my partners. we're working in this blog where we write about our dreams!

My question is... What would you do if you could travel in time?

My father says: "if I could travel in time, I'd fight with San Martin for our country's freedom.

My mother says:" if I could travel in time, I'd ive in a 25 de Mayo's revolution... I think that they're patriots!!!

But if I could travel in time, I wouldn't make my past mistakes, and I'd live each moment as if it were the last one... I think that it's not easy but... it's good!!


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Susana Canelo dijo...

Dear Josefina:
What a good idea !!!
But I don't like when you say, you wouldn't make the same mistakes!!!
You're too young. A good student with a lot of friends and family.
A sweet teen with a wide smile
Your life is just starting...

joseantonio dijo...

Hi Josefina,
Traveling in time is the coolest idea ever. This is my biggest dream. If I could travel in time, I would go back to the time when dinossaurs dominated the Earth. Of course I would not go there to stay, just to visit. After that I would visit many of the historic moments in our history. I guess I would not visit the future because I prefer to wait for things to happen.I really don´t like the idea of knowing about the future.
I just loved your idea of interviewing your family members about what they would do.
Kindest regards from Brazil
(José Antônio - an online friend of your teacher Susana and a teacher in Brazil)

Berta dijo...

Wow, Josefina, great reflection!!!

You are right, probably one of the best things to do is not to make past mistakes.

If I could travel in time, when and where would I go? Probably anywhere as long as I am not travelling alone and I could go with my husband.

Chhers from Caracas, Berta

Nina Liakos dijo...

Hi Josefina (my mother's name was also Josephine), from Maryland (USA)!

You can try to live each moment as if it were your final moment, but I think it is really hard to do that. We all get stuck dealing with everyday problems and we forget to truly appreciate each moment we are given to live on this earth.

I don't think it is bad to make mistakes, either! Nobody is perfect, and if someone were perfect, don't you think everyone else would dislike him or her?

If I could travel in time, I would like to go back in the history of my country to see how it was before the Europeans came here and stole the land away from the native Americans, and then corrupted and polluted it.

It's a very interesting question! I like books and movies about time travel, like The Time Traveler's Wife, Kindred, and Kate and Leopold.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi jose!! Well i was just passing. While i was reading i discovered the unusual way of understanding things you have, i think you are very smart an deep in your thoughts.. I´ve take a sentence that for me was such an amazing one: I'd stop the time when our eyes look at the other with a lovely feeling". With that simplicity you have demostrate a lot .. for all this things just congratulations!



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