domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

If I were millonaire

If I were a millonaire, I'd make a castle in the centre of a really big farm and I'd live on the farm production. I'd breed cows, sow crops,especially corn and soybeans.
If I had a huge "estancia". I'd improve peasants' living conditions.

I'd build roads, install electricity, air-conditioning. I'd make comfortable houses for my employees to live and I'd provide good education conditions for their children.

With the spare money I'd find a public library, I'd invest the money in sport clubs to encourage people to practice it. Sporty people are good people.

Wouldn't you do the same? What do you think?
I'm Matías Pérez

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Berta dijo...

Hi Matias, this ia Berta, an EFL teacher in Caracas who is a friend of Susana.

What a castle you selected to illustrate your dream. You are a truly generous master since you want to provide the best resources and help to all your employees, excellent, Matias. Other people will probably spend all the money on themselves but you have managed to design a complete community that will benefit from your wealth.
Great idea, Matias.

All the best,

Nina Liakos dijo...

Dear Matias,
Congratulations from Maryland (USA) for having a dream that benefits many people in many different ways. I hope you can succeed in doing something similar in real life!
Nina Liakos

Esteban San Román dijo...

If I were a millonaire, I would many houses around of the world, I'd donate money to poor people. I would have hollidays everywhere..!
I'd build public hospitals and improve the security in Argentina and I could make better coutes.
In my big house I would have threehoundred bedrooms!! and fifty swimming pools..!
I´d give money to Greenpeace because is more important to save our planet..
In my birthday I'd travel to "los Angeles" because I like it..!
I'd buy a castle near the sea, a big old castle. I'd pay music stars for a concert celebrating my birthday..!

A hug

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