lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

If I were a TEACHER…

Hi, I'm Anthony Bruno. I'm sixteen years old and I'm studying in Del Valle's Jail (I'm joking). It's the best school that I 've ever known.
If I were a teacher I’d teach children without being paid for it.
Besides I’d found a school for the most needed, poor children that can’t have a good education.
I'd study all about chemistry, physics, maths, literature, and a lot of other things.

I'd give to my pupils much homework...every day...

I'd ascertain about their lives and advice them with all my knowledge...

_______________________________________Anthony Bruno

3 comentarios:

Loreley dijo...

Hi Anthony, you've moved me! I'm a teacher and I think that with your views to life, you would be a great teacher too.
Thanks for opening my eyes to some of your ideas. Love from Argentina,

Susana Canelo dijo...

Dear Anthony:
I'm your teacher.I think it's a great job. You can touch people's live in such a way no other people can.What a responsability !!!
But teachers need to eat too, so they must be paid, well-paid in fact .
A hug

Illya dijo...

I'm a teacher in Switzerland and I also do things without being paid for them. This is certainly an important part of our society, but I certainly hope you would get paid for your job as a teacher or you wouldn't be able to teach for very long.

If you do become a teacher, I'm sure you will be a very good one.
Greetings from Switzerland

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