sábado, 24 de mayo de 2008

If I could change anything, what would I change in Argentina ?

Hello!!!, I'm Facundo and I'm 16 years old. If I could , I'd improve the education because our president doesn't mind our children's future, which is so important for our country.
If I could have access to our government decisions, I would agree the agros' group who are fighting for their rights.
Our president thinks that this group are in a good economic situation, so she increased taxes on their products.
I'd try to improve the tourism because our country has a lot of wonderful places to visit. All kind of climates and natural scenery. If I could live in the South, I'd visit the wonderful glaciers and if I could live in the North, I'd visit the "Termas de río Hondo", or in the East the Andes mountains, or in the West the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

This proves that our country in spite of the government is a wonderful place to live. Also, people are friendly, especially in small towns far from capital city.
Visit Argentina!!!

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Susana Canelo dijo...

Dear Facundo:
Maybe I'd vote for you !!! You're worried about education, there are a lot of things to do here.
I really liked the photos you chose. Why don't you ask another people what they would change in our country ?

Nina Liakos dijo...

Dear Facunda,
It is clear from your post that you sincerely love your country. I also love my country (the United States), even though I am strongly against the present government, which has committed our money and young people to fighting a war in Iraq and which has declined to commit our resources to the fight against global warming.
Nina Liakos

Illya dijo...

Dear Facundo
These are lovely pictures you have added. I've never been to Argentina, but I know some people there and I agree with you that Argentinans are very friendly people (at least all the ones I know :-) )
greetings from Switzerland

Anónimo dijo...

Just a small correction: you messed up a little bit with West and East, it is in the opposite way: mountains in the West and Atlantic Sea in the East.
A very nice dream and positive comment on our beautifull country.

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