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Hi!!!! I'm Felicitas Althabe, I'm 16 years old and I'm a student at Escuela Agrotecnica Salesiana.

When the teacher said: What would you do if you were an animal? I thought, that's my question!!! because I love animals...

I chose a dolphin because it's my favourite animal and my dream is to swim on one of them!

If I were a dolphin I swam around the best oceans and I'd travel all around the world, doing the best sport in the world for me, swimming.

I'd also help people in the sea...

I chose this animal because he hasn't got any problems, his life is pleasant and calm... and they are very intelligent

I really like this animal!

see you in other post!



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susana_canelo dijo...

Dear Feli:
You really surprised me with the animal and with your love for swimming. I like it,too.
The dolphin is a really interesting and amazing animal. Nice photos, congratulations!!!

Berta dijo...

Hi Felicitas,

a dolphin, eh? what a wonderful choice for an animal. It has an air of freedom and independence, it is always smiling (don´t you think?) or laughing joyfully, it is friendly, children usually love them and -as you said- they are quite intelligent and seem to have a special way of communication.

What animal would I be????? My zoodiacal sign is Leo, but I wouldn´t like to be a lion. Water is not my element (earth is) but probably I would like to be an eagle to see everything from up in the air (although I am not crazy about flying on my own either).

Cheers from Caracas, Berta

Nina Liakos dijo...

I don't think dolphins have an easy life. The oceans are polluted, for one thing. It must not be nice to swim in polluted water. For another thing, many dolphins get caught in the tuna fishermen's seine nets, are pulled under the water, and drown. But it is a thrilling sight to see them leaping above the waves when we go to the beach, as I sometimes have at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, USA!
Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)

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