domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

I want to change the world

We all have dreams and I have a wonderfull dream : Iwant to change the world. But , what can I do to make my dream come true?
If I were a famous person I would tell people all over the world about values. I would ask them if they felt better seeing egoism, violence, aggression and discrimination all around.
I would travel and visit different countries if I had enough money and I would organice festivals to fight hunger.
I would interview president of different countries if they promised me to think about the problems that millions of people have.
If I went to Europe and Asia I would visit places that were in war and if they heard me I would talk about peace and I would suggest them to work for the peace.
If I had a TV programme I would inform about the cost of the war
This is my dream, and I am sure that it's possible.

An Argentinian singer, Alejandro Learner says " to change the world start by you".

Emmanuel Mensi

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Berta dijo...

Hi Emmanuel,

Congratulations on such wonderful ideas you have written about. Making people aware about values, fighting hunger, speaking of peace, meeting powerful people that can have great influence and do good.

I hope that your dreams come tru someday. A lot of people will benefit from them.

Congratulations, Emmanuel, again.

Cheers from Caracas, venezuela,

Nina Liakos dijo...

Dear Emmanuel,
One person can change the world, and many people have done it. Maybe you can be one of them!
Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)

Illya dijo...

Hi Emmanuel
What you say reminds me of a very important person who managed to change the United States. Have you ever heard of Martin Luther King? He also had a dream, and because of this dream he changed things.

Good luck!
Illya from Switzerland

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